JCA buys county building

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A portable modular building planned to be used to expand county office space in Joussard has been sold.

At its regular meeting Feb. 13, Big Lakes County council approved a motion to sell the used building for $35,000 to the Joussard Community Association.

“The JCA would like to buy the unit for office space,” CAO Jordan Panasiuk says.

Council passed a motion at its regular meeting Sept. 12 to purchase the building for $35,000 and allocate up to $65,000 to remodel the building that measures 12 x 60 feet.

“A buyer has been found who is willing to purchase the used unit for the same price paid by the county,” says Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.

She says it was determined that it would not be cost-effective to retrofit the unit to be functional for the Joussard Municipal Services Building.

Big Lakes County Family and Community Support Services and Big Lakes County Fire Services provide services in the building.

“We think there’s a better option for more space,” Panasiuk says.

He says administration will present a report and recommendation in the coming weeks.

When the county considered a building expansion, tenders came in at $1 million last summer.

“It would be beneficial for FCSS and the fire services and create more privacy space for both,” fire chief John McDermott says.

Panasiuk says a decision was needed during that meeting since the unit was scheduled to go up for auction on Oct. 2.

Plans to expand the building were extinguished at a summer meeting.

Reeve Richard Simard excused himself from the discussion and decision after he declared a conflict of interest as a member of the organization.

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