Jousard School students are still making beautiful music together

Beaming Grade 1 student, Kazeiah Isadore-Wolfe, receives the ‘Critter on the Sorner’ that she won for showing exceptional leadership characteristics during the month of December.
Chanelle Loyie reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Chanelle Loyie
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Chenelle Loyie and I will be the reporter from Joussard School for the South Peace News this month. It was good to come back to school after our Christmas break.

The students in our kindergarten class let me know that they were excited to come back to their classroom, too. They let me know they are continuing to sort things in Math and that in L.A., they are learning to write letters about the New Year.

In Grade 1, the students told me they have been learning all about 3-D shapes. In L.A., they are writing sentences about what they can do and see outside on snowy days. This weather is perfect for this kind of writing! The Grade 1 students also let me know they have been painting snowflakes.

The students in our Grade 2-3 class are very excited that they are learning to play the zylophone. They are enjoying this and are looking forward to making great music together! The kids also reported they are learning cursive writing. This is also exciting and makes them feel so grown up!

Students in Grade 4 reported they have been busy in Math, practicing regrouping in subtraction. In L.A., they are retelling stories during their writing activities. In Social Studies, they are continuing to learn about Alberta.

Our students in Grade 5 are using our current weather conditions to learn about weather and climate across the country. Using Google, they are able to compare the temperatures and amounts of snowfall from many places. The students are also learning the difference between weather and climate in this study. Causing great excitement and energy, these students are designing their own video games. This is challenging as it involves a great deal of coding, but it is so much fun. Maybe some of these kids will be game designers in the future!

In Grade 6, our students have started their study of Ancient Athens. They will be using augmented reality on their computers as part of this study and that should make it much more interesting and memorable. This class is also learning to develop video games with Shawn Oddy, our STEM leader. We are so thankful for all of his help in keeping us moving with technology!

Thank you for reading our report, please keep doing so.

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