Joussard School elects school council president

Samara Laboucan reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Samara Laboucan
Joussard Reporter

Hello from Joussard School. My name is Samara Laboucan and I will be the reporter here for South Peace News for the month of February.

We were all looking forward to five days off of school as our teachers go off to the Teacher’s Convention in Edmonton. They let us know they have to keep learning so they can be even better teachers for us!

Our kindergarten students loved learning how to cross country ski with Spirit North. It was a little tricky and everyone fell down a lot, but it was fun! The little kids also told me they celebrated Groundhog Day by predicting if the groundhog would see his shadow. They were very excited to find out that he didn’t because that means we will get an early spring! Maybe!

In Grade 1 our students reported they also enjoyed learning to cross country ski. They are having a great time racing scooters in the gym. The students are getting ready for indoor gardening.

Students in Grade 2/3 have been working hard on learning to be more skillful in coding Sphero robots. They are learning fast and doing amazing things with these little robots. The students reported they are working on word problems in Math and comparing interesting facts about different countries in Social Studies. Lots of learning!

Grade 4 students have been polishing up their physical skills by going skating. We have a rink just a few feet out of the school door, so this is very handy!

In Grade 5, our students are looking forward to learning all about winter survival in their Land-Based learning experience next week. They will learn how to build fires and outdoor shelters. They will also learn how to use things in nature to determine directions. This learning might save lives someday!

Our students in Grade 6 have been following the democratic process they have learned about in Social Studies this year. The students have campaigned for positions on our student council. This is hard work – delivering speeches in front of classmates and other classes is tough. But they did it and did it very well!

We are happy to announce that Janessa Burlock is our president and Paris Gambler is our vice pesident.

Our student council includes other positions as well, and representatives from every classroom. We are very proud of all of the students who stepped up to add their voices to discussions into how to make our school even better.

Thanks for reading my report. I’ll be back.

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