Joussard School – School retains handgames title

Passion Gambler reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Passion Gambler
Joussard Reporter
Hello! This is Passion Gambler from Joussard School bringing you the news for this past week.

During my conversations with kindergarten students, I found out that they have been making giraffes. They reported that they made a girl giraffe and a boy giraffe and learned that they live in the desert.

In Grade 1, our students are happy about the Easter eggs they have been making. This has been lots of fun as they put much creativity into them.

Grade 2 students report that they have learned all about buoyancy in Science. They also learned about things that sink in water. In Math, the students have been learning about patterns.

In Grade 3, our students are also getting geared up for Easter as they decorated symbols on eggs. They also reported that they played “Murder, Murder” in P.E. This sounds like quite the game!

Our Grade 4 students are learning to play the recorder in their Music classes. Despite lots of accidental sounds, the students are actually getting quite good at playing “Ode to Joy.” The rest of the school is looking forward to hearing them play sometime soon.

Students in Grade 4/5 report that they have been very busy with experiments in Chemistry, learning Canadian history in Social Studies, studying fractions in Math and playing baseball in P.E. Lots of things to keep these guys going!

The students in Grade 6 greatly enjoyed their trip to the South Peace News office this week. It was so interesting to learn how a newspaper is put together and then published.

Everyone enjoyed our family fun night hosted by the school council on April 6. It was great fun to learn how to write our names in Cree syllabics on chocolate eggs.

We are now busy practicing and looking forward to our upcoming talent show. We hope everyone comes out to recognize our talents on April 25 at 7 p.m.

And, last but by no means least, we are all so very proud of our handgames team. They won the tournament for the second year in a row on April 12 in High Prairie! They are headed for a regional tournament and are so excited about that.

Thanks for reading my first report. Please check in with me again next week.

If you look closely, you can see the Cree syllabics on Avory Okemow’s egg. Everyone learned how to write their names using Cree syllabics during Joussard School’s recent Family Fun Night hosted by the school council.
The winning team! Joussard School wins the Handgames Tournament for the second year in a row on April 12. Team members, left right, in the front row, are Angelique Brule’, Sherilyn Brule’, Faith Fortier, Syara Brassard, Jayla Willier and Avory Okemow. In the back row, left-right, are Diamond Calliou, Addyson Brassard, Lashanda Gauthier, Haiden Laboucan and Mya Dwernchuk.

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