Joussard School – Students raise $2,000+ at fundraiser

Passion Giroux

Passion Giroux
Joussard Reporter
Hello, this is the news from Joussard School coming to you once again.

In kindergarten, our students have been busy little people learning all about recognizing, labeling and building patterns. They can now tell you what an ABAB pattern is!

Our Grade 1 students are so excited because they are building birdhouses. This is a wonderful activity and everyone is looking forward to learning how to build his or her own birdhouse and then decorating it.

In Grade 2, many of our students are enjoying the beading club that their teacher has started. In this club, the students are making beautiful sets of earrings. Mothers are likely to be getting some lovely presents soon!

Grade 3 students have been learning all of the terminology connected with the life cycle of a butterfly. They are using words such as chrysalis, pupa, metamorphosis and larvae. We are very impressed with their knowledge! They are also having a great time watching their own butterflies move through the different stages.

Our Grade 3 class is also quite proud of the fact that they started a fidget spinner club in our school. This is proving to be lots of fun.

Our Grade 4 students are so excited about visiting the Grouard Museum tomorrow. They are looking forward to building a tipi and so much more.

Students in Grade 5 just finished their week of swimming lessons. They learned so much and are happy to report that they got to have a slushie party on the last day! The students also enjoyed the DiscoverE students who came from the University of Alberta to teach them about chemistry and electricity.

In Grade 6, our students have been incredibly busy. They returned from their land-based learning in Marten Lakes and are now planning an overnight camping trip in Spruce Point. The students are certainly finding out that learning can take place everywhere.

Our whole school participated in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser and are happy to announce that we brought in $2,421 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

Thank you for reading my reports and please read next week’s report as we will have a new reporter in place for June.

Janessa Burlock is a little hot and a little tired, but she keeps going as she Jumps Rope for Heart.
Adults and students alike jumped! Above, Doris Willier demonstrates her excellent skipping skills.

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