Joussard sisters remain positive

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A pair of Joussard girls are dealing with a lot more than the COVID-19 pandemic.

But they are still finding way to brighten their lives!

The girls, Faith Fortier, 15, and her sister Danielle Fortier, 12, were involved in an accident with their mother, Claire Fortier, Feb. 9. It left Claire hospitalized. The two girls stayed with Susanne Boulanger in Joussard so not only were they dealing with not seeing their mother, but the pandemic.

Still, says Boulanger, the girls have remained positive.

To keep them busy one day, they decided to paint the picture window.

“We painted a scene to get us away from the troubling times lately,” says Boulanger.

“Since we cannot go to the mountains, we brought them here!”

Faith designed the scene and all three painted all day.

“These two amazing, resilient gals have every reason to be negative and angry at not having their mom home for so long. That is not the case here. They continue to rise above all obstacles and create rainbows in their storms,” says Boulanger.

“We might be constricted [physically], but mentally we go wherever we want.”

The story has an even better ending.

Claire left the hospital April 7.

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