Joussard water, sewer project flows to next step

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Plans by Big Lakes County to construct a water and sewer extension in Joussard have taken the next step.

At its regular meeting April 27, council approved a recommendation to proceed to tendering and construction of the project in the Peace River Avenue area.

“People have been asking for this for the past 15-20 years,” High Prairie East, Banana Belt Councillor Don Charrois says.

The project is estimated at $600,000 and funded in the budget. CAO Bill Kostiw recommended the project progress although no government grants have been secured.

“The benefit of the county doing the project now is that it will allow us to complete paving of Peace River Avenue east to Highway 2 and it should encourage people to hook up,” Kostiw says.

While he acknowledged that some people don’t want the project, that position could change.

“If we put it in, they will eventually use it,” Kostiw says.

Council has debated and investigated the potential of extending water and sewer east on Peace River Avenue for several years to service current and prospective customers, Kostiw notes in a report to council.

Council decided to tender the project for the area at the county’s cost, then recover from future hook-ups.

“There was no detailed feasibility study to confirm how many people would actually hook up either along Peace River Avenue or in Key Cove condominium subdivision,” Kostiw says.

The project would also be constructed before the road is paved.

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