Judge suspends woman from driving for 2 years

H.P. court docket
Aug. 17, 2020
Judge M.B. Golden

A middle-age woman will be off the road for a couple of years for driving charges in High Prairie.

Josephine M. Patenaude, 50, of Edmonton, was fined $2,000 for refusing to provide a breath sample when she appeared in High Prairie provincial court Aug. 17.

Judge M.B. Golden also suspended her from driving for two years.

Lakeshore Regional Police stopped Paten- aude, who was driving erratically in High Prairie on June 22, 2019, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta-Ndu says.

“Her truck swerved and nearly caused a head-on with a police vehicle,” the Crown says.

“She drove past High Prairie courthouse at a high rate of speed.”

When she was taken to High Prairie RCMP cells, she refused to provide a breath sample after police read Patenaude her rights.

“She says she was not going to provide a breath sample,” Eta-Ndu says.

“I not going to give you a breath sample,” Eda-Ndu read from the disclosure.

When officers first approached her in the vehicle, they observed her eyes were bloodshot and an odour of liquor on her breath, the Crown says.

Duty counsel Harry Jong says Patenaude was upset at the time about difficult relationships and other problems in life.

“She says she started drinking,” Jong says.

Patenaude was also fined $2,875 for driving a vehicle without insurance and $100 for failing to attend court.

Frank Mitchell, 48, was fined $400 for breaching a peace bond.

“He failed to report to his probation officer,” Crown prosecutor Serge Eta-Ndu says.

Mitchell was on a peace bond at the time when he failed to report in January 2019, the Crown says.

“He says he was living up at Gift Lake, where phone service is poor and he could get around to calling his probation officer,” duty counsel Harry Jong says.

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