Letter – 3 cheers for Notley!

NDP Leader Rachel Notley got booted from the chamber for what I thought were some fairly mild comments about the abolishing of the Election Commissioner.

The commissioner has been investigating irregularities in the UPC leadership convention. To that end he has levied $200,000 in fines. In other words, he has found a lot of guilty people and he wasn’t done yet.

In the US, their elections commission hasn’t been restaffed and last I heard could no longer form a quorum. They can’t do anything.

The midterm elections were a veritable patchwork of abuses heaped mostly on areas that tended to vote Democratic. Dodge City, Kansas, a city with 13,000 registered voters, had no polling stations.

A reserve in North Dakota with 15,000 possible voters didn’t get a chance to vote either.

There were bigger messes like the one in Georgia where the then auditor general, now governor, kicked an estimated 1.5 million voters off the rolls.

If Kenney began as he means to go on…

To me, the biggest problem with the NDP is that they are too earnest and actually working on the real issues for people to notice what they are fighting about.

Perhaps Notley should be ejected from the chamber more often to get people to focus on what she is trying to do with the snake oil salesmen in our midst.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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