Letter – Careful what you wish for

I am trying to hold onto my cool and find a constructive approach to our hotheads.

The comment sections on news clips that have them are filled with stuff that even 22 Minutes debunks.

No, I don’t approve of Jason Kenney or Andrew Scheer. They have that bafflegab sound and they are not even very good at it. Scheer can’t take heat.

When pressed by reporters about hiring a Kinsella to dig up dirt on his opponents he could only repeat the same sentence over and over as his words got less and less distinct and his face got redder.

Kenny, he can speak out of both sides of his face at once. His first time out of the gate he brought up separation, and then he started saying he wasn’t going to let Trudeau force us out.

I believe they were so sure that Scheer was going to win that they are now trying to revise their playbook.

I become more grateful every time I watch the news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it back in by the skin of his teeth. There was an article back when Lester Pearson and John Diefenbaker were fighting out that said minority governments could be very good for the electorate.

Everyone has their own ideas. One group wants all the provinces west of Ontario to form a country of Buffalo. We may be getting buffaloed.

Then there are those who want Alberta and Saskatchewan to hold hands and stroll into bliss.

There are those who think the three Prairie provinces should join the US.

Then there is Alberta Proud and Wexit.

Wexit has been very boisterous in their online presence. Hating Trudeau personally and some plainly making stuff up. Conflating things and generally not knowing what they are talking about.

Downing, their leader and all around sketchy character, stated that Trudeau was normalizing pedophilia. No!

Back when Trudeau the Elder had his hands on the reins of power there was a symbol they used for a program that slightly resembled a symbol that a group of pedophiles in the state were using as their symbol. Trudeau the Younger had nothing do with that. Stodgy Canadians probably had no clue and the internet was not everywhere for them to check it out.

Then we have Josh Andrus. South Peace News was kind enough to print his letter to Kenney in all its glory. I went to a website that he was featured on. I came away not too sure of what he was saying.

It is the kind of bafflegab double speak that makes me wish I still had boatloads of prescription drugs for the migraines. The trouble with these guys? They are very practiced at stating things in such a way that we can believe whatever we want.

He is clearly a conservative which is not a bad thing; but, he stumbles into the mind set of what I would call libertarian/conservatism. A dangerous philosphy that includes way too much magical thinking, opportunism, and just plain not stating the facts.

Some of these guys seem to think that we could just walk up to the border and start building the pipeline – that Trudeau bought to keep it going. They want to use the landlocked nations act in international law. So that is why they want to separate.

Well good luck with that!

First, they would have to have a referendum. And they may not win it. Then they would have to work out the articles of ‘Deconfederation’.

Next, they would need to work on treaties and trade agreements with another countries – remember NAFTA?)

Then they would have to go to the United Nations and get pipelines included in that law. Currently, they are not.

Then they would have to come back and negotiate with the Canadian government, and the native peoples who are covered by Treaty 8. It could be a decade or more of concerted effort.

In the meantime they are going to be screwing up the energy sector even more with the threat of political instability as these guys flop and lurch around loosing their tempers and yelling at people who ultimately hold the hammer.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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