Letter – MLA has duty to be aware of local issues

I have the Internet at home. Keeping up is much easier now. The saddest part of that is watching the mass murders pile up in real time. The guy in Odessa, Texas was a textbook case of a nut job. He had been fired [possibly that day] from his job but that was not the only trigger. He had been in a downward spiral for some time.

The laziness of authorities was part of that tragedy could have headed it off. His neighbour had called the police when he brought a rifle with him when he went over to give her [grief] for using the wrong garbage can. When police couldn’t find his address they let it go.

At home, the unfolding pageant of politics is sad. When Andrew Sheer walked out to make a bunch of campaign promises he reminded me of Devin Nunes when he was running around trying to cover up for Donald Trump. He also has a severe anti-charisma gene. One of the things he said as he stared at some distance point was that he is going to cut taxes.

We should be skeptical at this point. When Trump gave the one per cent tax cut the rules were jiggered to make the books balance. The filthy stinking rich paid $90 billion less so everybody else had to pay $90 billion more.

One woman tweeted Paul Ryan that that extra $60 a year she got on her cheque was more than enough to pay for her Costco memebership. He was so happy he retweeted it, not realizing she was being sarcastic.

A man whose wife is a teacher told the world she was loosing the $500 deduction that she was allowed to spend on school supplies for the kids. So she might have gotten a $60 tax cut but she lost a $500 deduction.

Here, it seems the same thing is happening. Whatever tax cut people thought they were getting it is taken away. There was a scoffing article in a paper about Sarah Hoffman bitching about the changes to the school regs where people loose the subsidy for busing. Parents now have to pay $300 a year for each child to ride the bus if they live in town. What next?

There was another article extolling the virtues of Jason Kenny’s cut the red tape campaign. They are streamlining the process for people with the bucks to buy properties that are for sale for back taxes. Now that sale can be rammed through in a month. That harkens back to the grab guys like Trump’s treasury secretary. These Wall Street wonders started grabbing everything they could. One woman in her 90s was evicted over a bookkeeping error. The sum was less than a dollar. Anyone with a shred of decency would have taken the change out of his pocket to fix it but – no – they wanted her house. One estimate was 800,00 homes lost.

The latest South Peace News had some very acerbic things to say about Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn. I always had the impression that it was going to be like that. He wasn’t expecting to be elected, he was expecting to be anointed. Everyone was so enamoured with the idea that they were going to protect “our oil” nothing I read said anything about anything else. No farming, no health care. Nothing.

Now people are surprised he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the dialysis centre?

Claims not to know anything about it. Sorry doesn’t fly.

I was at the library one day when Danielle Larivee was having a ‘Meet the MLA’ coffee. She fielded all questions knowledgably, even ones far afield from her work with children’s issues.

These guys are not old school conservatives, they are new style conservatives who possess Trump’s laziness, arrogance and incuriousity. Just not interested.

Never mind that a perfect storm of circumstances have denied High Prairie of its own [needed] dialysis centre. As out MLA, he has to become knowledgeable about it, perhaps by reading some pertinent articles in the local rag.

And advocating for the needs of the local people, not just discussing his business with his sons. He should be forced to divest.

And people who don’t need the dialysis so they don’t care should perhaps be concerned with the income that building the centre [$5 million] and the staff to manage it will provide.

And finally, one man admitted that people hated Trump but he was creating jobs like crazy. Not so much, the feds had been overstating the number of jobs in the States by 500.000. Trusting these guys will get us all screwed over. We have to watch and get involved.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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