Letter no longer needed

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

High Prairie town council has changed its mind on sending out letters of support to local Indigenous communities after Town of Slave Lake Councillor Joy McGregor issued what were viewed as racist comments by many at a September meeting.

Council first agreed at its Nov. 10 meeting by motion from Councillor Michael Long to “…send a letter that is signed by Mayor [Brian] Panasiuk, to our local First Nations and Metis Settlements saying that we support them.”

Councillors Arlen Quartly and Judy Stenhouse opposed the motion, saying it was not any of council’s business what the conflict was between Slave Lake and Driftpile.

However, when council met Nov. 24, Councillor Donna Deynaka asked Panasiuk why the letter had not “gone out” yet.

“If it’s not sent out yet it seems to be a moot point,” she added, referring to the apology issued by Slave Lake town council.

Panasiuk agreed saying the issue was “more or less” resolved.

He added CAO Rod Risling did draft a letter.

“I had the same thoughts, not send it out,” Panasiuk told council.

Risling then asked council for a motion to rescind the Nov. 10 motion. They did so with Councillor Brian Gilroy opposed.

“I still believe we need to send a clear message…we support them,” he said.

Deynaka then suggested a message be posted on the Town’s website,

Gilroy followed with the suggestion of a video from Panasiuk.

No motion was made to do either.

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