Letter – Police aren’t perfect, but …

RE: Behaviour tech and the Toronto cop.

Oh my God! What next?

I saw the video of that behaviour tech getting shot. Here, I think we call them support workers. I was one for close to 20 years. I worked with several autistic people. It made me want to go down there and start slapping cops.

First, they can’t shoot. They said they were aiming for the autistic guy and accidentally shot the black guy. Those guys need lessons from my mom. She could hit a squirrel in the head at that distance. I saw her do it, and I got to skin them so I know how often she could do it.

Now, how is that going to pan out at trial?

“Honest judge we were trying to shoot the [autistic guy] and got the [black guy] by mistake.”

Never mind a trial, go directly to prison.

Then there was the tone of the situation. They were just as deaf to the tone of the situation as the autistic guy was. A man he knew came up to him and laid down on the grass. Anybody with any clue would have done the same thing the support worker did, or got up and ran. No, he was just sitting there.

Someone [police] should have stopped and thought. The black guy wasn’t afraid to walk up to this guy and he knew the tone well enough to put his hands way up in the air and wave them around begging them not to shoot him.

The two men under threat of deadly force were not acting in any way that could be called aggressive. Would it have hurt them to take a minute to walk around to get a look at them from another angle? Try to see for sure what he had in his hands. Get close enough to actually talk to the guy that was begging not to be shot.

Don’t they have to get in touch with their dispatcher before going all Charles Manson?

In Toronto, a trigger happy cop got six years for killing a stoned unarmed kid on an empty bus. This guy had pulled his gun 12 times in 3 1/2 years. He should have been chained to his desk and had his gun taken away 20 years ago before some kid on a bad trip paid the price.

The bus was empty, the kid had a switchblade. Why not lock the doors and leave him in there until he calmed down or passed out? It might have taken a few hours, he might have busted a window. But there is a thing called community service, and a prolonged program of drug treatment. It sure beats the heck out of killing someone.

These people with this gunfighter mentality need weeded out before they cause a real tragedy. That is one place where I think that as annoying as progress can be, it serves a real purpose; it offers incontrovertible truth that these things are happening. That police are shooting unarmed people, that one woman cop was doing cavity searches by the side of the road.

If you went home or to a lawyer 20 years ago and told someone something like that had happened no one would have believed you. Or that five cops jumped on an unarmed man who was leaving the theatre with his wife and daughter and they put so much weight on his chest he suffocated and died.

I saw a Mountie get kicked in the nether regions once. Everyone was clearly surprised when he still managed to cuff the punk and throw him in the back seat of the cruiser.

Then – I will one day have a heart attack over this – he talked to a guy who promised to take the kid home and turned him loose. No trips to the station for a rolled up newspaper, no long drawn out trips to court. Just go home and stay there. There were about 15 or 20 of that kid’s buddies there.

No, the RCMP aren’t perfect but I am sure glad we don’t have some of those cops from down south in their place.
Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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