Letter – Resignations requested

This is my third attempt to get answers from Big Lakes County.

I would just like to know from council why they said the Enilda transfer station single-handed cost the $77,000/year as the County claimed was the decision to close the transfer station. It seems the closure had nothing to do with cost but rather to do with their personal hatred for the hamlet of Enilda and surrounding area.

I now ask the councillors to please respond with regards to this matter in a formal letter stating exactly why they decided to close the Enilda transfer station as it is clear as day in their post on Facebook that it had nothing to do with money.

I also ask in this letter that council shows why no other transfer station was taken into consideration for the proposed closure.

And to also attach the impact study that was conducted to show why Enilda’s transfer station would have the least impact with closing than others in the county.

I also ask that the County show the environmental study done to show testing that was conducted in the soil to determine there is no waste leaking into the aquafirs along with Alberta Environment’s results clearing the site.

The County is legally obligated to provide clear and concise answers to the people as to why these decisions are being made against a single hamlet and we, the people, have the right to ask for these decisions in a formal letter.

If the County does not want to give answers I will be asking for the federal government’s help in getting answers for these decisions that were made by Big Lakes County council that the people of the county had no say in.

It seems that the County is very prejudiced and discriminatory against the hamlet of Enilda and I will be checking on legal actions against the County for this. You have ripped up sidewalks and not replaced them as promised, left the roads in a deplorable state, shut down the transfer station, have not built the walking trail promised to the hamlet over five years ago and stated money was put aside for it, then claimed there was no money to do it.

I will be holding every council member accountable for these actions and will be looking and proceeding with legal action of discrimination and prejudice against this hamlet.

Enough is enough!

We have had it with the County taking everything away from Enilda and not considering any other hamlets. This is disgusting.

I also ask for Reeve Ken Matthews’ resignation and other councillors’ resignations. If not, I will be putting out a petition to have councillors and the reeve removed from office and an election held to replace council members.

I have also sent this [letter] to Premier Jason Kenny and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with several media companies.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Eric Corbiere,

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