Letter – Wetlands vital to environment

RE: Wetlands

Growing up alongside a creek that supplied us with water, and eventually the beavers turned it into a huge wetland stretching for miles, I learnt an appreciation for wetlands.

A few years ago I went back to the old homestead, I saw the wetland was still thriving. While others would drain wetlands, my parents made it into thriving land with multitudes of wildlife.

For 10 years dad ran a one-inch hose over the main dam and watered our herd of cattle without any electricity. That is where I learnt moving water will never freeze.

It’s a concept I used to ensure a remote British Columbia First Nation’s water supply never froze.

The wetlands attract plants, wildlife, ducks and geese. Little ducklings and goslings could be seen in the spring. Deer would bring their fawns for a drink. Cow moose – sometimes with twins – were always down there.

My parents would seed a strip of land adjacent to the wetlands that we cut but never combined. It was our gift to the animals that gave us all pleasure.

While neighbours were draining wetlands my parents encouraged it to thrive.

Later in life I encountered road building projects that endangered wetlands. It was our policy to avoid, if possible, and if not re-establish a new wetlands.

Research has shown us wetlands are nature’s purifier and cleanse water to a high degree.

I hope future generations learn the value of wetlands like my parents taught me.

David Lainchbury,
High Prairie

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