Light-up & Santa Parade

The High Prairie Beautification Society and the Town of High Prairie along with South Peace News and the vendors listed below bring you the 2020 Winter Light-up and Santa’s Parade – live on November 27, 2020.

We will be streaming the parade portion in front of the South Peace News office located at 4903-51 avenue in High Prairie. The Parade starts at 7:00pm. at E.W. Pratt High School.

Note from HP Beautification: “Due to the previous and new health measures, we ask that everyone stay in their own vehicles or in their homes during the parade, and, of course, you can watch live online. Any gathering of more than 10 people outdoors is a mandatory restriction and can be fineable. There are no Light-Up festivities other than the parade and the shopping [see ads below]. There are many places to park along the parade route if the parade does not pass by your house. Do not congregate! Stay in your vehicle or home during the parade, stay safe, and enjoy the parade!”

Please note:Anyone who wants to participate in the parade can only have one person per float unless they are part of the same household.

The lights come on for Winter Light-up 2020!