Little girl shows her heart is in right place

Adriana Haggerty set up her lemonade stand in Sucker Creek on June 22. She served many thirsty and very generous customers.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A little girl from East Prairie has done her part to help feed people in the region.

Adriana Haggerty, 5, set up a lemonade stand in Sucker Creek June 22 and donated all profits to the High Prairie and District Food Bank June 28.

Adriana’s grandmother, Joan Haggerty, says the family was discussing the plight of the food bank at a family meeting.

“I sit on the board and I was telling the family about the food bank,” says Joan. “I explained to [Adriana] and that’s why she picked them.”

The little girl was more than willing to help.

“Just because I needed some more money [to help] and I didn’t have that much,” says Adriana. “They need more to help people.”

The stand was put up at Sucker Creek on National Lemonade Day. Adriana served two types of lemonade and smoothies.

People were every generous, says Joan.

“Lots of people at Sucker Creek just gave a donation.”

Adriana was able to donate $75 to the food bank.

High Prairie and District Food Bank co-ordinator Kim Dumont, left, accepts a $75 donation from five-year-old East Prairie girl Adriana Haggerty June 28.

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