Little Martian hats soon to appear at HPE

Alison Siegfries

Alison Siegfries
HPE Reporter

This is Alison with our High Prairie Elementary School news of the week, for the South Peace News report.

Feb. 20, come and join us from 4-6 p.m. for a fun family evening of Literacy/Numeracy activities in the school. There will be interesting fun things happening in every classroom. We look forward to seeing you.

Pizza orders came out in this month’s Family Gram. HPE Parent Council and their wonderful volunteers will be holding two pizza lunches this month. The first is on Monday, Feb. 10, the second on Monday, Feb. 24. Make sure you have your orders in before the deadline. If you would like to volunteer to help add your name and number to the bottom of your child’s pizza order.

A reminder to parents/guardians: please do not use the bus lanes or staff parking lot to drop off/pick up your children. Please do not park in staff parking. Thank you for your cooperation.

We have students in our school that have severe allergies to peanuts. This is an airborne allergy that can cause severe anaphylactic shock. Please do not bring products containing peanuts into the school. If you have touched peanuts or peanut butter, or peanut products, please wash your hands before coming into the school. Thank you so much for keeping our students safe!

Grade 4S is finishing their rock painting with Joyce Hunt. In Science, students have transplanted their germinated plants into flower beds. They are learning about what plants require to grow. In Math, students will use their knowledge of multiplication and division to identify, create, and complete patterns in tables and charts. In LA, students will build their comprehension with a story sequence called The Barber’s Secret!

Grade 6L is starting a project to compare how demontary has changed over time.

In Grade 3T this week, students are looking at scale length on maps and following directions. In Math, they are finishing up learning the six times table.

KC students are very excited to be reading Jillian Jiggs and the Great Big Snow. The students love listening to how Jillian uses her imagination to create a Martian hat. They are now working on creating theri own Martian hats!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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