Look for flashing green lights

Do you know what they mean?

by Ken Melnyk,
High Prairie Fire Chief

The High Prairie Fire Department is implementing the Green Light Program starting Sept. 1.

Do you know what it means if you see a car with a flashing green light in its window? The flashing green lights you will see in the front window of cars means that those drivers are part-time firefighters on their way to an emergency. If you see a car with a flashing green light, please be courteous and yield the right of way.

The purpose of flashing green lights is to help drivers recognize a firefighter enroute to an emergency and to be courteous and yield the right-of-way to ensure these volunteers can do their best.

With this program, when implemented, all volunteer firefighters will be issued an LED flashing green dash light for use when responding to an emergency.

Firefighters may use flashing green lights on personally owned vehicles while proceeding to emergencies, including response to the scene or to the fire station. Once on scene, flashing green lights will be shut off.

Please yield to these green flashing lights!

The High Prairie Volunteer Fire Department has 36 volunteer firefighters. When an emergency occurs, these firefighters are paged. They respond immediately by activating the flashing green lights on their personal vehicles and driving to their designated fire station as quickly and safely as possible.

Since there are typically no full-time firefighters on duty at all times on rotating shifts, the High Prairie Fire Department relies a great deal on these volunteer firefighters.

Please yield to these green flashing lights!

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