Man jailed for failure to report as sex offender

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A Gift Lake Metis Settlement man was sentenced to 55 days in prison after pleading guilty to failing to report to authorities as a sex offender.

Aaron James Auger, 33, pleaded guilty to the charge in front of Judge G.W. Paul in Slave Lake provincial court June 2.

Auger also pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to attend court, failure to provide fingerprints, three counts of failure to comply, and possession of methamphetamine.

The Crown withdrew other charges.

Court heard Auger was living in Gift Lake and ordered to report to the probation officer in the Gift Lake Justice office on June 4, 2020.

However, the Crown told court because of COVID-19 the probation officer was unable to come in person. On June 3, the officer told Auger to contact him by phone on June 4 but he did not.

The officer sent out a letter to report by phone on July 2. Again, Auger did not report.

One of the failures to comply was for not reporting under the Sex Offenders Information Registration Act.

“It’s an affront to the system,” said the Crown, who recommended a sentence of 55 days.

On May 31, High Prairie RCMP went to Auger’s residence, said the Crown. He was wanted on warrants.

Auger was also under conditions not to have ammunition. When police first knocked, he wasn’t there. When they returned with a warrant to enter the house, he answered the door and allowed himself to be arrested peaceably.

However, matters worsened. Auger said he was going back into his room to get his cigarettes. The officers followed and arrested him in the bedroom.

In plain sight, there was 13.28 grams of meth near the bed and 0.6 grams near the dresser, alleged the Crown.

There were also shotgun shells in plain view.

According to Auger, each year, the band comes around and gives you bullets, said the Crown. He didn’t realize it was a problem to keep them.

Auger’s lawyer spoke for him in court.

“He’s sworn off the meth now.”

Auger was sentenced to 30 days for failure to provide fingerprints and 55 days concurrent for failure to report under SOIRA.

Fines totalled $2,500 for various offences including the highest for possession of meth at $1,000.

Time to pay the fines varied from Aug. 11 to March 2, 2022.

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