Man pitches tourist attraction

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Step aside Uranus, Missouri!

Here comes High Prairie!

If a High Prairie man has his way, he wants to see the world’s largest belt buckle constructed in town as a tourist attraction.

Warren Wright has pitched his idea to High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk, the High Prairie and District Museum, and the High Prairie Community Beautification Association.

“Let’s start a conversation,” says Wright.

He was inspired after watching a story on TV about Lacombe and its World’s Largest Lure. It is common for towns and cities to build the “world’s largest whatever” and promote it as a tourist destination. In Alberta, for example, Falher has its largest bee and Vegreville its largest Easter egg. There are many others.

Wright’s first suggestion is a belt buckle. Currently, Guinness World Records recognizes the one at Uranus. It is about 10 feet tall and 13 feet wide. Please see page 5 for photo.

Panasiuk reported on the idea at council’s June 23 meeting. He agreed with Wright it could be a tourist attraction as tourists like to have their photo taken beside such attractions.

“His idea costs about $30,000,” says Panasiuk.

“I thought it was in interesting idea…an interesting concept.

“It might be interesting to get some more information.

“Something that would put us on the map.”

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