Manager strives for new image at PR Manor

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The seemingly endless court docket stories arising from incidents at Prairie River Manor have caught the attention of the building’s manager.

Fred Ibelo is doing everything he can to make it a nicer living experience for tenants in the 18-unit building.

“Prairie River Manor has developed a very bad image in the community,” he says, citing numerous incidents.

Things were so bad he decided to fire the former manager and take over operations himself.

Several tenants were quickly evicted.

“We eliminated the worst ones,” he says.

He adds new rules have been implemented for tenants to follow. The building is now a non-smoking facility with no smoking in any units or hallways.

Several units were also treated for bed bugs.

“We had a pro come in. We fumigated the building. There are no more bed bugs.”

Ibelo admits it will take time to clean everything up.

“It’s a process,” he says.

An added plus is he now also lives in the building so he can keep a first-hand watch on everything.

“I live there myself. I can deal with tenant issues.”

He currently has units for rent and encourages potential tenants to give Prairie River Manor another chance.

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