Mayor’s Report – February 8-21, 2017

Linda Cox,
Mayor, Town of High Prairie
Following is a portion of Town of High Prairie Mayor Linda Cox’s report for Feb. 8-21:
Community Health & Wellness

Feb. 13, our team toured the new hospital. It was an extensive tour, over three hours, and took us through both the hospital and the J.B. Wood Continuing Care facility.
This is the first time I have had the opportunity to see the inside of the building and it will truly be an asset to our region. One of the spaces I made note of was the unfinished area that will be allocated to future dialysis and basic chemotherapy service. These are both services our region has identified as needed and the town will continue to lobby for them.
As for the new hospital itself, residents of our region will be completely satisfied with what has been built. Over 10 years in the making, it is a state-of-the-art facility and will serve us well.
Alberta Health Services is planning public tours so take the opportunity to go through the building when they set up the tours. The move-in date is set as April 1, subject to AHS confirmation.
Heart River Housing meeting

Feb. 16, I attended the regular Heart River meeting. Regular business was conducted, but since we are only one month into the new year’s budget, not a lot of financial activity information was available.
Installation of sprinkler systems in the Red Willow Lodge in Valleyview and Villa Beausejour in Falher has been an ongoing concern. Pleasantview Lodge has a suspended ceiling so the piping for the sprinkler system can be placed unobtrusively above the tiles with only the sprinkler outlets showing in the ceiling. In the Valleyview and Falher lodges it is an orange pipe, over 1 1/2” in diameter running throughout the building. Considering the ceiling is white, it becomes quite obtrusive in hallways, common areas and resident’s rooms. Some residents have even taken to using it as a clothes hanger rod, which has been disallowed as it is a safety issue.
Because no money was allocated by the province for enclosing the pipes, it is an eyesore in buildings that are supposed to be a reflection of homes, making them look like an industrial site. The board has requested the Minister of Seniors and Housing to tour the Villa Beausejour, which is the most offensive of the two lodges. After seeing the actual installation, it is hoped that the province will allocate enough money to lodges to enclose the pipe in a ceiling bulkhead.
If the minister does come, Heart River would also promote the lease-to-own mortgage program for the Girouxville single family housing units.

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