Municipal Election 2021: Big Lakes County – Ward 9 – Sunset House/Gilwood South

Travis Beamish

My name is Travis Beamish and I am running for councillor in the Big Lakes County Ward 9 – Sunset House – South Gilwood.

I am Big Lakes born and raised. My family and I have a cattle farm in this area. This is a place I want my family to be proud to call home.

I work off the farm as a heavy equipment operator/supervisor. I have worked in the oilfield, forestry, and road construction sectors. With this background I believe it will be of value with future projects within the county, whether those projects include road maintenance, ditch cleaning or upgrading of infrastructure.

I am running for councillor as I feel we need to have a new perspective in our county. Residents are looking for accountability with their tax dollars. This council needs to be financially aware of how tax dollars are being allocated.

These last two years have been trying on all aspects of living. As a county, we need to have support such as FCSS available for our residents.

It is crucial to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure already in place, as our residents use it for daily life.

We have a beautiful county that is rich in resources, and it is time to promote and benefit from them. The county needs to not just maintain but grow as well. It is time to encourage existing businesses and promote new.

This election has many new faces in the running for council and many residents ready for change. It is important as a county resident to get out and vote, that is how we spark change.

I want to wish all candidates the best of luck.

David Vanderwell

Hello, community members, my name is David Vanderwell. I am running for the Big Lakes County councillor position in Gilwood South.

My wife and I have raised two children in the community. This county is our home.

As with any home, I see the potential. I dream of the future, and I want to lead us down a brighter path.

I believe maintaining our current path would lead the county in the wrong direction.

I have the confidence and skills to guide my vision. I have over 30 years experience in managing natural resources; this includes management or direct involvement in agriculture, oil and gas, recreation, and forestry.

I have also spent over 20 years on the High Prairie Fire Department. I enjoy working with others and I am intensely curious about the world. Through the years I have traveled all over Big Lakes County and know what makes this county and the Gilwood area a great place to live, raise a family and work.

There are opportunities for us all that come from living where we do.

I believe that we will lose the advantage of those opportunities if we continue with the status quo. We can not maintain the practices that led to our population decline in the last decade.

This community was built on the hard work of our parents and grandparents. We must build on those practices and adapt them to the present.

We need to work closely with our fellow municipalities, and bridge an ever increasing urban/rural divide.

I want you to know that I am here to listen, and will use wat you say to guide me on council. I will be open and honest about what can be done on a municipal level. I offer leadership, not just lip service.

Everyone running will commit to improved services, and I am no different. That is not all we should do. We need to be efficient with the resources we are given, and to expand our vision of what we are capable of. We are only limited by our mindset.

There are many opportunities for the young adults and people new to the community, where they can now build a beautiful life here, that they could not before. A rural lifestyle can now offer urban services while avoiding many of the urban pitfalls. Changes in technology can help us welcome the world to our front door. Our future is better together with new neighbours and our children as a part of it.

Do you feel your voice is heard?

Are you ready to try something new?

Are you hopeful for the future?

As the future member of council for Gilwood South, I can help bring forth you the future you want!

I can be contacted on my cell: [780] 536-4898, email at [email protected] or join my Facebook page: David Vanderwell for County Councillor, Gilwood South.

Other candidate for Ward 9: Ann Stewart. Her profile will be posted if received.

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