Northland won’t close Hillview School

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Hillview School at East Prairie will stay open at least one more year.

Northland School Division met Jan. 23 and decided to keep the school open, as well as other schools at Pelican Mountain School and Susa Creek School.

The board of trustees made the decision after reviewing viability reports for all three schools.

As such, instructional programs continue, but will be re-evaluated in the fall of 2021.

“The board understands the importance of having schools in small rural/remote communities,” Northland posts on its Website.

“Schools represent hope, the future for communities and a safe environment for students to dream and recognize their full potential.”

Hillview and Pelican Mountain are deemed essential schools, in that the alternative would require a lengthy bus ride to another school.

Also, students would also lose access to specific learning opportunities supported with knowledge Elders, Knowledge Keepers and East Prairie community members.

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