Notes from the Legislature

Pat Rehn,
Lesser Slave Lake

I’d like to begin this article reflecting on the tragedy of unparalleled cost currently unfolding even today in many ways across British Columbia.
The damage to livelihoods and the infrastructure that allows residents of British Columbia to sustain those livelihoods have now amounted to the costliest disaster in Canadian history. This cost involves roads built through difficult mountain terrain and streets cultivated by decades of hard work from residents being washed away and some places completely devastated by expanding rivers. The time it will take to recuperate from this disaster is immense and many families’ lives have been irrevocably changed.
The reason I bring this up is most in our constituency know 10 years ago Slave Lake itself endured a great tragedy and many lives in our town were uprooted through a wild blaze. The damage to our community was great, but the spirit of our community and the generosity of others proved far greater and our town recovered and is still moving forward. I sincerely encourage folks to consider donating to one of the myriad charities responding to this situation to show the generosity many across Alberta and Canada showed our community in its own time of turmoil.
The sitting of the legislature continues in earnest and this has been a remarkably busy month with municipal councils from across the province heading to Edmonton for their yearly rural and urban municipality association meetings. I’ve been able to receive many updates on matters of local concerns and how the province can best help. I look forward to using this information to work with ministers in our government and achieve progress on matters such as infrastructure, tourism, and parks.
The provincial park of Lesser Slave Lake was the topic in mind of one of my most recent questions to the Minister of Environment and Parks and it is delightful to hear the process is well underway to have a partnership that will magnify the resources available across the provincial park and improve it further as an amazing destination for tourism in our region and what it brings. I look forward to observing this process in motion and am eager to do whatever is needed to assure our region gets closer to its deserved title of top spot to visit for relaxing in Alberta.
Alberta also has tremendous economic news with our province having the strongest GDP growth this year in confederation. Alberta is blazing trails with unparalleled investment into the hydrogen and tech sectors, both very in-demand sectors with meaningful pay. This is Alberta equipped for the future. Oil had a great year as well with the financial windfall for the province being anticipated to have grown 400 per cent from initial estimates of $1.5 billion to start the year to over $7 billion. We have genuine momentum and great opportunities ahead. Now it is up to us as a community to chase them!
My office as always is available if anyone is in need of assistance.

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