Obituary – Christopher Lee Badger

Chris Badger

Thank you for the tremendous support and love that we have received during this very difficult time.

Christopher Lee Badger, better known as Tootie, was born on March 11, 1972 in High Prairie. He was the first and only son of Theresa Badger, the first grandchild of Pete and Clara Badger. His Cocom and Moosoom spoiled him, he was their world. It’s comforting to know that he is back in their loving arms. This is why Uncle Koonoo named him Cocom’s Boy, the nickname stayed with him by some of his close friends.

In 1981 Chris’s sister Lisa was born; Chris was ecstatic. He was a very protective brother and they stayed very close right up to his passing.

Tootie went to school at St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie in his early years. He took some high school in Fort McMurray, where he moved with his Auntie Rita.

Chris played many sports, he loved hockey and received many awards and certificates for his achievements in this sport. He also loved to bowl and joined the bowling league so he played weekly with his friends. He loved to play horseshoes too.

Chris fought a hard battle with his health for most of his life. A battle most people would never win. He was a strong fighter. He had a kidney transplant in 1997, having that kidney for over 20 years. Doctors could not believe because a kidney does not normally last that long with a transplant. Doctors would often call him “The Superhero.”

On Dec. 2, 2002 his daughter Jeaneisha was born, he was so happy to be a dad. When Jeanisha’s mother passed away, Jeaneisha came to live with her dad and her Kokum.

Chris met Lariena Meltingtallow in 2008; and at that time, she moved in with him at his mom’s house in Sucker Creek.

Tootie was an avid Calgary Flames and Toronto Blue Jays fan. Sometimes he would get so upset when Calgary was losing that he would just turn the TV off, and find something else to do.

When he went into the U of A for an appendix surgery in October 2019, he had a heart attack right on the operating table. He had to have a quintuple bypass. He said you know the doctor asked if he could ask me a question, and for me not to take offence, so I said, “Yes, sure, what is it?” The doctor told him, “Well, Mr. Badger, you sure picked the best place to have a heart attack.”

Chris loved to play poker. He enjoyed poker nights with all his friends.

But above all, he loved being an uncle; his nieces Clarisa and Chloe adored him. His first question to his sister was always, “How are the girls?” They visited with him in Edmonton, Sucker Creek and in the hospital; he was so proud of them. His nieces would always ask him if he was watching his hockey team play. Clarisa and Chloe would always say this is Uncle’s Team wherever they seen anything Calgary Flames and often have to buy it for him.

Living next door to his mom, he used to always check on her. Quite often bringing her takeout, buying her bingo cards and lottery scratch tickets. Sometimes he would pick her up and they would go for a drive. He was such a caring son, he treated his mom like gold, and his passing is going to be such a void in Theresa’s life.

Chris fought a tough battle in the hospital, but his body could no longer take the pain. He is now in eternal peace, watching over us and probably laughing at us Oiler fans wearing Calgary Flames jerseys. Yes Tootie, you had the last laugh.

Tootie was everybody’s friend, he accepted everyone for who they were.

He is survived by his loving mom Theresa, daughter Jeanisha, partner Lariena, sister Lisa [Richard], nieces Clarisa and Chloe; uncles and their families, Jim, Charles and Wayne; aunties and their families, Joyce and Rita and many cousins, who were more like a brother to him. Rest in eternal peace, we love you, till we meet again.

We can all hear him laughing now [you could recognize that laugh from anywhere], as he sees all of us and says, “Finally they realized and came to their senses. They all are wearing the greatest team that ever played, my Calgary Flames.”

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