Only 8 and already a Princess!

Arras Marshall, of High Prairie, was selected as Junior Princess 2024 at the High Prairie Traditional Powwow May 4.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

An eight-year-old High Prairie girl is ecstatic after being chosen Junior Princess 2024 at the High Prairie Traditional Powwow May 4.

Arras Marshall says she thought “it would be cool” to run for the title.

“I just kind of wanted to,” she says.

It was the first time she entered such a contest.

Marshall is a Woodland Cree Band member (Little Buffalo) but makes her home in High Prairie with her parents, Tim Marshall and Andrea Calahasen. She attends Grade 3 at High Prairie Elementary School.

Marshall is very proud of her Indigenous heritage. She has participated in Tiny Tots dances at various local powwows in junior fancy category. She regularly attends local powwows at Driftpile, Sucker Creek and High Prairie and loves to dance.

But with her newfound title, that is about to change! As an extra incentive, Arras can now attend any powwow now she is “royalty” and participate in the grand entry, where she will be introduced as such.

“We can go to any powwow,” says Andrea. “We’re going to try and go to Calgary – that’s where her grandmother lives – and Edmonton and Taylor, B.C.”

And, of course, the local powwows.

Arras wore her special regalia at the High Prairie Traditional Powwow made by Sherril Supernault, of East Prairie.

Supernault also made the crown and medallion which Arras wore after her selection.

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