Owner plans to sell house, council pleased

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

What McLennan town council deems as an unsightly property will be dealt with in the next few months.
For the last several months, councillors have expressed a concern with the house owned by Neil Barkhouse, located just north of the RCMP detachment. Barkhouse attended council’s Sept. 13 meeting to tell council his plans.
Barkhouse said the house and lot are for sale and asked council if they were interested in buying.
“We’re not in the market to buy a house,” replied Mayor Michele Fournier.
“Esthetically, it’s not pleasing,” she added.
Barkhouse replied he had three inquiries on the property, with most interest being expressed in the land, not the building.
He added if the property does not sell by next spring, he will tear down the house, which is currently boarded up. Barkhouse added a potential buyer could move the building.
“It looks like a shed, no windows or doors,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.
Council was pleased Barkhouse took the time to attend a meeting and address them.
“We’re good with that,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout referring to Barkhouse’s plans.

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