PICs – ‘Learning to be artists’

Madison Bourque, steps out in her Grade 10, Art 10 skills with shoe art that would leave Nike green with envy. If she’s not careful, that drawing of pencil crayon and ink pen will jump out of the page.

Colourful art from students at High Prairie E.W. Pratt High School shows the skills of the senior high school students. Art and photography teacher Rhonda Lund inspired her students to create images to brighten up the lives of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. “E.W. Pratt art students are learning that art, as a visual expression, can speak for us in ways that other media cannot, in this difficult period of isolation, or otherwise,” Lund says. “It doesn’t require us to be in close physical contact to communicate clearly our thoughts or imaginings. They are also learning to share their work publicly; what that looks like and how it might be received. They are learning to be artists.”

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