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Fire Chief’s Report

Ken Melnyk,
Town of High Prairie Fire Chief

Do you know what it means if you see a car or pickup truck with a flashing green light in the window? What do these lights mean?

We are all used to seeing the flashing red lights on police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks and know that these vehicles are on their way to emergencies. Flashing green, on the other hand are not as well known, but carry the same urgency as the flashing red.

The flashing green lights are being implemented for the purpose of helping drivers on the road recognize a volunteer firefighter is en route to an emergency and to be courteous and yield the right-of-way.

The High Prairie Volunteer Fire Department along with the fire departments within the Big Lakes County is considering the implementation of the Flashing Green Light Program. Firefighters will have these flashing green lights on the dash or on the roof of their personal vehicles while responding.

Even with these green flashing lights the drivers must still abide by the Highway Traffic Act. Beyond the difference in colour of the lights used, the volunteer fire-f ighters are not granted the same benefits as emergency vehicles. They have no special powers, they still have to obey all the rules of traffic; stopping at red lights and stop signs.

While drivers are not obligated to pull or stop for these volunteer vehicles, drivers are encouraged, when it is safe to do so, to let the volunteer firefighters get to the call as soon as they possibly can.

Please do so.

While not as attention grabbing as the red lights and sirens on our fire trucks, the green flashing lights have been seen as something that has helped and we hope that with your help these volunteers can arrive at the fire hall a little sooner and continue on to help save a life or someone’s property.

Thank you.

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