REALice real savings passes

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A new cost-saving system to maintain ice surfaces proposed for arenas in High Prairie is supported by Big Lakes County.

At its regular meeting March 10, council approved to purchase a REALice hot flood water alternative at a cost of $5,000 to council.

REALice would be purchased only if a provincial grant is approved, CAO Jordan Panasiuk write in a report to council.

“The REALice hot flood water alternative reduces utility costs associated with the heating of water for ice resurfacing,” CAO Jordan Panasiuk writes in a report to council.

“This new technology has a payback of less than two years if we can qualify for a provincial grant.”

A grant would provide 75 per cent of the $33,000 cost for the system that would be used in the Sports Palace and the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre.

Panasiuk presented the recommendation from the joint recreation committee of High Prairie and Big Lakes. The committee met Feb. 19.

Two county representatives on the committee promote the recommendation.

“It heats up the water quicker and it is more cost-efficient,” High Prairie East – Banana Belt Councillor Don Charrois says.

Prairie Echo – Salt Prairie Councillor David Marx says REALice has a proven record.

“A lot of other arenas in other communities use it and research shows it is a good thing,” Marx says.

High Prairie council approved the recommendation at its regular meeting March 3.

Funding would come from the County recreation reserve, Panasiuk notes.

“As the grant program is still open, it is advisable to proceed as quickly as possibly,” Panasiuk says.

High Prairie CAO Rod Risling says the process involves changing the chemical composition of water so it doesn’t need heating before flooding.

Later, he said the process “changes the molecular structure of water”.

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