Recycling ‘branches’ out in a bad way

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Efforts to provide High Prairie citizens with a chance to recycle are taking a bit of a financial hit to the Town.

From time to time, staff are sent over the clean up the mess left behind by some, in addition to taking away items left behind that are not permitted at the site.

But recently, someone went the extra mile by stuffing tree branches into the bins.

Councillor Brian Gilroy brought up the matter at council’s Aug. 25 meeting. He described the actions as “ignorant” before asking public works Supt. Vern Walker how much it cost to clean up the site.

Walker estimates about two hours per week for one employee to tidy up. Including all costs, about $100, he said, cautioning council the estimate was off the top of his head.

There is little council can do except if they catch the culprit[s] red-handed.

The recycling centre is not monitored by cameras.

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