Requests taking up too much time?

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

So many choices!

It was a bind High Prairie town council found themselves in at their May 11 when they received letters from six different organizations asking for council’s support.

Debate quickly began when councillors questioned if it was worth their time to examine each request separately. CAO Rod Risling also asked for direction.

“A lot of these [requests] come to Rod or myself,” explained Mayor Brian Panasiuk. “There are so many of these causes every week.

“It’s not for me or Rod to decide.”

Panasiuk added many times council would like more information than inside the package presented.

“There are a lot of good causes here,” said Councillor Michael Long.

“Asian racism, support for the RCMP. . .I’m opposed to the provincial police force.

“Our wonderful premier is pushing his agenda. The RCMP is one we should fight for.”

Panasiuk agreed citing the Province’s own review which did not recommend a provincial force.

“In my head, it makes no sense to do it.”

He added later that in many instances, a letter of support from council would do little good.

Councillor Arlen Quartly did not want to see such items on the agenda. He suggested everyone be sent the requests, and if they felt passionate about the item, to bring it forward for council’s consideration.

Panasiuk was leery, however, saying if the request came to council, it should be on the agenda for the public to see.

All requests were received for information.

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