Research aids beef producers in decisions

Each plot was clearly identified with the grass and/or legume seeded.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Just under 25 beef producers attended the Peace Country Beef Forage Association’s morning plot tour in High Prairie Aug. 26.

Research co-ordinator Akim Omokange led the producers through the various plots, explaining production and protein content.

The guided tour examined the association’s perennial trials and regrowth potential of perennial forages.

Perennial forages comprised of 11 perennial grasses, 15 perennial legumes and nine grass/legume mixtures were seeded June 7, 2016. The project is intended to provide producers with performance information in years three through seven from establishments.

Results from the plots will assist beef producers in selecting perennial forages which maintain long-term productivity, both in volume and quality, thus reducing the investment required for re-seeding. In turn, it should increase profits on the farm.

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