Restaurant re-opens after AHS closure order

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A restaurant at Strawberry Service re-opened July 9 after a short closure and order from Alberta Health Services.

AHS shut the doors on Taste of Home restaurant July 3 after an inspection found numerous violations which jeopardized the health of customers, reports Alberta Press Leader on its website.

The restaurant, located at Strawberry Services at 10430 Highway 2 near Kinuso, was ordered to close after its equipment was found “heavily soiled” with dirt and food.

The owner of Taste of Home, Hector Imtiaz, does not dispute any of the allegations in AHS’s report.

“We were already closed,” he says. “We were closed for 10 days [since about June 24].”

And, he adds, staff were in the process of a major cleanup for a planned re-opening.

“She [the inspector] was told we were closed,” says Imtiaz. “No one was working. No one was there.”

AHS’s order stated the following:

“The ice machine, meat slicer, french fry maker, can opener and other food contact surfaces and equipment are heavily soiled with an accumulation of dirt and food debris,” reads AHS’s order dated July 4.

Other violations include:

* The mechanical chemical dishwasher is dispensing zero parts per million chlorine sanitizer and is in disrepair;

* The line cooler is holding food at 17C;

* The hand wash basin has no soap or paper towel dispensers at time of inspection;

* The hand wash basin is being used as a mop sink;

* The mechanical dishwasher, the dishwasher racks, the ventilation system, and the handwash basin all had violations;

* The facility washrooms, all the facility ceilings, walls, floors, countertops, and cupboards are visibly soiled;

* The back door was left open at the time of the inspection and there is no screen door;

* Floor deficiencies in front and back kitchen areas where the linoleum tiles have worn away and the subfloor is visible;

* There’s no grease receptacle outside the facility to safely dispose of used cooking oils and grease waste, and there’s no written sanitation schedule for the facility.

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