Ribbon skirts unveiled

Lakeshore Regional Police Service Const. Sheena Hooke, left, and Acting Sgt. Allison Meltingtallow show off the new ribbon skirts. Driftpile resident Tina Isadore helped design the skirts.

Attire now part of ceremonial dress uniform

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Lakeshore Regional Police Service’s female members have a dazzling new addition to its uniforms.

On Feb. 9, Lakeshore was pleased to unveil its police service ribbon skirt that will now be included as part of the Lakeshore ceremonial dress uniform for its police officers that identify as woman.

The skirts were designed after consultation with local First Nations experts.

Ribbon skirts are a historical and traditional form of identity among Indigenous women which tells a story of resilience, sacredness and survival. Ribbon skirts are not bound by one specific tribe.

Lakeshore recognizes and thanks Driftpile Cree Nation Band member Tina Isadore of Nimihto Mistatim Dancing Horse for her assistance in the design and creation of the ribbon skirts.

Isadore incorporated the Medicine Wheel colours to back a handcrafted Lakeshore logo. The five ribbons on the skirt represent the five First Nations Lakeshore is proud and honoured to serve.

The introduction of ribbon skirts to Lakeshore’s official ceremonial uniform is an important step in the police force’s commitment to be a First Nation police service that recognizes the importance of the traditional and cultural aspects of First Nations they serve.

The female police officers of Lakeshore’s police service will wear these skirts with pride and honour in recognition of what they mean to the First Nations people.

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