Scgool News – HPE students learn about Star Blankets

Shown is some Star Blanket artwork from Grade 5P. Left-right are Samuel Neufeld, Kalli Boisson, Sophie Delorme, and Joe Beleski.
Shown is some Star Blanket artwork from Grade 5/6C. Left-right are Lexi Flett and Oliver Warren-Currier.

HPE Reporter

This is Raeanne reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
In Grade 2CL, students are working to understand place value in numeracy. They have built numbers using manipulatives like Base 10 blocks, and personal whiteboards to record and explain how they can take apart numbers, too. These activities help students understand how ones become 10s with regrouping, and then how 10s become 100s. Students also had fun using their knowledge of place value numbers to answer puzzles in their activity book.
Also in Grade 2CL last week, students enjoyed celebrating Metis Week. They listened to fiddle music, watched some jigging and learned about who the Metis people are by listening to their school Indigenous sup- port coach, Cor Goulet, and watching lots of videos. It was so exciting to learn about the Metis sash and the importance of each of the colours. Students even learned how to weave their little sashes. It was fun and a good challenge following directions, counting, using the small muscles in their fingers, and following patterns. Learning about other cultures is amazing!
Grade KS students are working on the sounds for letters “O” and “M”.
In Grade 5/6C, students have been working hard to wrap up two projects. The Grade 6 students have created their own countries. Their countries have a Charter of Rights, Pillars of Democracy, import and export from other classmates’ countries, their own natural resources, a flag and so much more. Students had one month to get their country created. Teacher Brenda Coulombe is looking forward to reading all about them.
The Grade 5 students interviewed their oldest living relative. They then turned the interview into a Google Slide presentation, including pictures. Teacher Brenda Coulombe is also looking forward to seeing how the interviews turned out. The interview will be another addition to the Grade 5 student’s family history book. Coulombe loves this way for the students to learn about identity and just how their families fit into our Canadian history!
This week in KJ, students drew pictures and letters in shaving cream, had an under the sea octopus adventure, and practiced subitizing to five. If you drive by the school, check out the huge snowball the kindergartens worked together to create and role across the yard! Teamwork!
Students are writing their Santa letters and are learning how to address a letter. Grade 3-4S students are using mental math strategies to solve addition and subtraction operations. Also, students are developing personal strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
The Grade 5 students from 5P and the Grade 5-6 students from 5-6C had fun learning about Indigenous Star Blankets. Indigenous coach Cor Goulet came into the classes and talked about the honour of receiving a Star Blanket and the heart and thought that goes into making one. Students tied Social, Math and Fine Arts into the project. The students added to their Truth and Reconciliation Journals, and used the skills in Math they have been learning about Reflections, Translations and Rotations. Wonderful pictures were created by the students. The teachers are going to downsize the Star Blankets and the students will be using them as Christmas decorations for their trees.
This has been Raeanne reporting to you from HPE.

During Metis Week, the Grade 5s each made a beautiful mini-Métis sash. Students worked to weave their little bracelet and necklace sashes. A big shout out to Cor Goulet for helping organizing this project. Left-right are Sophie Delorme, Marcine Fabian, Kalli Boisson and Marie Balbin.
Grade 5/6 C students were encouraged to wear moccasins on Wear Your Moccasins to School Day on Nov. 19. “Rock Your Mocs!”

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