School News – Kindness Club collects for food bank

High Prairie Elementary School students in the Grade 5P Kindness Club [Charlene Porisky’s class] helped raise money to contribute to HPE’s food bank donations. Altogether, the entire school collected 174 pounds of food! In the front row, left-right, are Joseph Belesky, Marcus Matula, Mckenzie-Patenaude-Richards, Kalli Boisson, Alison Cox, Marie Balbin, Marcine Fabian and Sophie Delorme. In the back row, left-right, are Magalie Frechette, Marcus Gladue, and Lisa Zabolotniuk.

Cacey Cunningham
Lexi Flett
HPE Reporters

This is Lexi and Cacey reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Grade 5s in Charlene Porisky’s Kindness Club helped raise money to contribute to HPE’s food bank donations. Alto- gether, the whole school collected 174 lbs of food!
Diane Bellerose has again organized a flip book study for all the Grade 5 classes across our school division. This flip book is called The Journey Forward, a novella on Reconciliation.
The Grade 5 students will be first reading about Lucy and Lola by Monique Gray Smith. This side of the flip book is about two girls who learn about their kookum and mother’s stay in a residential school. They learn about what intergenerational survivors means and how it affects them.
During the first reading all the Grade 5 classes were involved in a virtual meeting with author Monique Gray Smith. Smith shared some of her family members went to residential school. She is an avid believer in people learning about Canada’s true history. Her novella gently touches on intergenera- tional survivors and their allies.
Students were able to ask questions. They found out that her daughter, Sarah, helped with the editing of Lucy and Lola, when she was only 12. They also learned that Smith’s work goes through many edits before it is published, with the exception of only one of her books. My Heart Fills With Happiness, has sold over 700,000 books. Wow!
Our students are really looking forward to reading this novella together. It is a great step in our Truth and Reconciliation journey.
The KC class is having a great time exploring the outdoor classroom area. With warmer temperatures and lots of snow, students have had fun outside!
In Grade 3/4S, students are developing an understanding of multiplication facts through recall, arrays and repeated addition. Grade 3 Science students are using what they have learned about the stability of structures to build a lookout tower. Grade 4 Science students are building their own gear system.
In Grade 5/6C, the student government had their first meeting of the year. The ministers have new portfolios this month and they and their team have come up with some really good ideas to make this an interesting month in their class.
In Social Studies, the Grade 6 students are researching ancient Athens. They will be comparing the birth of democracy to what democracy is like in Canada. They will also be comparing life in ancient Athens to now. Did you know that girls couldn’t go to school in ancient Athens?
In Grade 5 Social Studies, students are researching Canadian immigrants. Some of the questions the students will work towards answering are: What was their journey like? Why did they come to Canada? How were they treated here?
Mixing Language Arts with Social Studies, the students will put all of their answers to these questions in the form of a personal journal, writing from the perspective of the immigrant. The students will also mix in some Math by adding in a timeline with their journal.
HPE is trying hard to keep all of our students and staff safe and healthy. Parents, please make sure to check your child daily to make sure that they don’t have any symptoms. If they do, they will have to stay home until they are symptom free. Parents, please make sure that your child has their mask with them everyday. Thanks for helping keep everyone safe and healthy.
This has been Lexi and Cacey reporting to you from HPE!

HPE students Reanne Sander-Ferguson, left, and Evan Douglas present their Sky Science Planet Research.
HPE Math students created two-dimensional kaleidoscopes using reflections, translations and rotation. Left-right are Danica Doucette, August Willcott, and Sophie Oliver.

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