Wins CCNA Award

SPN Staff


South Peace News’ Website is now recognized as a national award winner.

The Website placed third in the Canadian Community Newspapers’ Association, Under 3,999 Circulation.

Web designer Jeff Burgar says the award is a nice compliment.

“We were not aiming to make a ‘pretty’ Website. The idea is put as much news as practical on the site, to make it easy to navigate, and also to make it as easy as possible for staff to add stories during the week,” says Burgar.

“The Website industry is developing so fast, it is often difficult to keep up with new ideas, not to mention the fact that what might look great today, suddenly crashes the entire Website tomorrow because of some unforeseen bug that comes along.

“So, we have to be picky and choosy what we add to our site. Function first, then form,” he adds.

Presently, the Website is averaging over 1,000 page views per day.

“Our numbers on the site are very good. Readership continues to grow and when very big events like the recent Aquatic Centre firing, or the Driftpile First Nations bringing in drug testing happen, viewership spikes to 4,000 to 5,000 daily for several days or weeks. These are great numbers.

“Our own analysis of the numbers indicates we are reaching a whole new demographic in readers than we do with the hard copy edition of The News.”

Burgar adds it should also be pointed out that a comparison with the hard copy edition shows that 15 to 16 times as many people weekly are reading the print edition, than the Website.

“The South Peace News, web and print, is far and away your best local news coverage and source for local advertising, sales, specials and events. We plan to make it even better in the coming year,” says Burgar.




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