St. Andrew’s class celebrates 2021 commencement

St. Andrew’s School graduates are honoured as the Class of 2021 at ceremonies June 24. Sitting in the front row left-right, are Jacob Kosak, Zyrene Tabios, Daniella Lamouche, Jaylynn Lamouche, Anna Gordon, Jara Zallum and Shawn Willier. Standing in the back row left-right, are Dwight Tulloch, Kaleb Dupuis, Caige Anderson, Nolan Machado, Tanasity Smith, Hudson Chalifoux, Violet Sunshine, Sam Basarab, Taiya Cunningham, Shandon Laderoute, Savannah Grandjambe, Gavin Ford, Amara Toner and Sherman Chalifoux. Missing in the photo is Brooke Greer.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie honoured the graduating class of 2021 as “Rising Stars” during official ceremonies June 24 at the school.

Principal Marc Lamoureux congratulated the class of 23 graduates.

“Today marks an end and a beginning,” Lamoureux says.

“Today you are moving into the world as young adults.”

He encouraged the graduates to be lifelong learners.

“Life is more like an adventure,” Lamoureux says.

“It is full of experiences. Some good. Some bad.

“If we pay attention to these, we continue to learn and grow wiser.”

He reminded the graduates that they are now on their own.

“As of tomorrow, you will have greater freedom and greater responsibility for your actions,” Lamoureux says.

“As you go through life, the adventures you have will make you wiser, appreciate life more, shape you, and give you your own unique character much like the stars in the heavens.”

Only graduates and school staff were permitted to attend the official ceremonies due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Jacob Kosak received the Governor General’s Academic Medal. He also inspired his classmates in his valedictorian speech.

“Ultimately, it is us who have to live with our decisions,” Kosak says.

“So pursue those opportunities and whatever risks need be in achieving your happiness.

“After all, it is better to say I tried than to say I wish I had tried.”

Graduates were congratulated in messages from Holy Family Catholic Regional board chair Kelly Whelan, Supt. Betty Turpin and High Prairie trustee Anne Ochran.

Graduates also received messages from Town of High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk and Big Lakes County Reeve Ken Matthews, Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen and the Metis Settlements General Council, adds Lamoureux.

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