Students prepare for chat with minister

Chris Langlois’s Grade 6 students have created dioramas of our Solar System. In ths photo, left-right, are Ethan Barton, Alikae Schur-Auger, and Konner Krystal.

Judeah Gilroy
Eliza Sampson-Webber
HPE Reporters

This is Judeah and Eliza with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 6L students will complete a Google Meet with the Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange! Students are eager to ask questions.

Random Acts of Kindness [RAK] month is here! We are continuing this tradition of celebrating kindness because everyone needs more kindness in their lives. There’s scientific evidence that shows the positive effects of doing kindness and receiving kindness, even witnessing kindness.

Even small acts of kindness changes lives. This year we encourage everybody to Explore the Good and make kindness the norm. We are challenging each other to make the longest chain of kindness we can! Go, HPE!

In Grade 5PS, online and in class Math, students are calculating the value of variables to solve in algebraic operations. Students will develop strategies to solve real word problems. Students online, are developing their non-fiction research skills. Students are planning, gathering and recording information. Students will learn the value of evaluating their sources when they visit a site about ‘Pacific Tree Octopus’.

Grade 5PS in class Language Arts students have started learning the Iditarod event through a novel based on a true story called Akiak. Students have reflected on important ideas that they know about sled dog racing.

This week in Grade 2R, students are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness. Watch your child’s agenda for different kindness things the class have brainstormed as well as things students have created.

HPE will be celebrating its 100th day next week on Feb. 23. Please help your child start collecting something they can find 100 of for counting next Tuesday. Students are excited to search their houses for 100 of something!

Grade 5/6C has started their wampum belts. Last week, students designed and started to weave their belts. They are using three shades of purple wool and monks cloth to create their belts. The students can hardly wait to show you the end result!

The weather is getting colder so please ensure your child is dressed properly. Snow pants, mittens, jackets, toque, scarf and winter boots will help them stay safe and warm. Inside recess will occur when the temperature outside is below -25C, with our regular inside COVID routines followed as normal.

Each day at HPE, we should speak up, stand together and stop bullying. Feb. 24 is Wear a Pink Day! A shirt, a pink mask or anything pink!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

In this photo, left-right, are Levi Bilyk and Jarett Hicks.

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