Swan River upgrading lagoon, and Big Lakes is ready to help

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County is supporting Swan River First Nation in the Kinuso area in the Indigenous community’s project to upgrade the wastewater lagoon.

At its regular meeting May 8, council agreed to provide Swan River access to the Faust lagoon at no charge to deposit a maximum of five loads of wastewater per week for four months during the Swan River lagoon rehabilitation from May to August.

“We are a 25 per cent partner in the upgrade project,” said Kevin Cymbaluk, director of operations.

“We are working co-operatively and collaboratively with Swan River.”

He says Nu Edge Construction of Camrose has been contracted to complete the work.

The lagoon serves both the county and Swan River First Nation. A long-term agreement is in place for shared water and wastewater services between the County and First Nation.

A signing ceremony for the agreement was held April 19.

“The First Nation has formally requested that access be given for an estimated maximum of five loads of wastewater per week be dumped at the Faust lagoon for the next four months during the project,” Cymbaluk told council.

“This is from the Swan River rural area and not the hamlet of Kinuso or Swan River urban.”

Those areas are being piped in to the anaerobic cell, he noted.

“Allowing Faust access for Swan River First Nation will avoid having additional trucks coming into the site during construction,” Cymbaluk said.

He added without charging fees to Swan River, council would lose about $5,000 in revenue.

The Swan River lagoon whaling project is intended to replace the existing high-density polyethylene liner in the facultative cell and install additional measures to prevent future whaling issues, states a report dated Feb. 29 from Nu Edge, and included in the May 8 council meeting agenda package.

Desludge work of the anaerobic cells is part of the project.

Work on the project is scheduled to be complete by September, Cymbaluk concluded

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