The dust won’t settle!

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has denied a request from Hilliard’s Bay Estates for council to provide dust control on the main gravel road leading to the residential community.

At its regular meeting May 22, council approved a recommendation by administration to reject the request to provide dust control on Township Rd. 752A between the turnoff to Shaw’s Point Resort and the estates’ first gate.

Reeve Tyler Airth noted the road is the responsibility of council although a large portion of the road is in Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park.

Hilliard’s Bay Estates Condominium Association submitted a letter of request on May 8 for council to provide dust control, to be paid by the County, said Kevin Cymbaluk, director of operations.

To provide dust control in the estimated length of 4,190 M would cost council an estimated $19,688 plus the federal GST.

“Our policy doesn’t allow dust control for long stretches of road like this,” Cymbaluk told council.

Fees in the dust control policy are set for the first 150 M of dust control in front of residential properties at the cost to the resident, he added.

Applicants who request additional distance pay a higher fee.

South Sunset House – Gilwood Councillor Ann Stewart noted the same should apply to Hilliard’s Bay Estates.

“Anyone who wants dust control, pays a fee,” Stewart said.

“If Hilliard’s Bay Estates wants dust control, they should pay, too.”

Cymbaluk said the road serves both users of the provincial park and Hilliard’s Bay Estates.

Grouard Councillor Jeff Chalifoux voted against rejecting the request.

“That whole area is used for tourism attraction,” Chalifoux said.

He added property owners at Hilliard’s Bay Estates pay huge amounts of taxes.

“Maybe we should spend money and help them out,” Chalifoux suggested.

“I think we should explore options for dust control and work with the condominium association.”

A motion by Chalifoux to explore options for dust control was defeated by council.

Instead, council will review the dust control policy, which was included as a late item to the agenda.

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