The Page – August 12, 2020

Sturgeon Lake just west of Valleyview is one of the latest lakes to get a warning about blue- green algae blooms. Not only is there the toxic algae (cyanobacteria), there is also a warning about swimming at Williamson Provincial Park due to “elevated levels of fecal bacteria currently present in the water.” The warnings came from Alberta Health Services on Saturday last week.
Wabamum Lake provincial park beach, Zeiner Park Beach at Pigeon Lake south of Edmonton, Buffalo Lake at Rochon Sands and Gull Lake Aspen Beach in the Red Deer region also got the same warnings.
Sturgeon Lake, Moose Lake, Floating stone Lake and Vincent Lake by St. Paul, Pigeon Lake, Bear Lake by Grande Prairie, Steele Lake by Athabasca, Fork Lake by Lac La Biche and many other central and southern Alberta lakes are also under advisories.
The algae happens when weather is warm and waters are calm. The algae can be blue-green, brown or pinkish red. Skin rash, sore throats, sore red eyes, swollen lips, fever, nausea and diarrhea are all symptoms. Contact for pets can be fatal.

Although new heavy equipment sales have fallen during this Covid-19 pandemic, used equipment sales are strong. This is according to Finning equipment. Hmmm. We wonder why that is. We have no idea at all.

Amazon, the mega-giant retailer and storefront for many sellers, got a bashing from United States lawmakers last week.
Among practices admitted to or accused of, were jacking up prices charged to sellers that competed with Amazon’s own products, often forcing those sellers out of business, burying competing products in the search listings, and using sales information against sellers.
Head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, told the legislators one of his business practices was using the sales information from products sold on Amazon to develop their own competing new product lines. “This is really good for consumers,” he said. “They get a better product from us at a cheaper price.”
Isn’t he such a great fellow? That’s how he got to be richest man in the world, or close to it – by being nice to consumers? Or by figuring out ways to hose others? Or being nice only until he rules the universe, then can charge whatever he feels like? Assuming people will dearly pay for the latest Dyson vacuum, the new Stephen King novel, or a cool set of screwdrivers. Ah, if only he would use his powers for good, and not for evil.

It’s long past the beginning of barbecue season.While we’ve always thought of ourselves as “not bad” semi-masters of the grill, we figure there’s always room for improvement. So, it was off to the Internet to see if there was anything new in cooking steaks. None of that HGTV television stuff for us. Nope. And of course, the old saying that learning something from the Internet is like trying to get a sip of water from Niagara Falls is truer than ever. These days there is more misinformation than ever how to cook a steak. Sear on one side. Put in the oven. Don’t flip. Flip every two minutes. Tent for five minutes. Tent for as long as you cooked it on the grill. Don’t bother tenting it. Slice it. Pour butter over it. Soak it overnight in this secret marinade. Start with frozen. Warm up the steak to room temperature, maybe 40 minutes out of the fridge. Ribeyes are best, but flank steaks are almost as good if you do it right. Season with salt until it looks like a light snowfall. Don’t season at all. Use pepper. Don’t use pepper. And that friends, is just the beginning. It all got so complicated, we got side- tracked to how to cook a Chicago style hot dog. Usually pure beef. Steamed or boiled in water to start with. Or if cooked on a grill, it’s called a char-dog. At least, there seemed to be mostly agreement on these bad boys. And best of all, way cheaper than a 1.5 inch thick T-bone.

You ever notice how politicians want to make friends by giving away money? Of course, it isn’t their money they are giving away – it is everybody elses. A few pennies here from you, a dollar there from you, fifty cents over there from you. As long as it doesn’t seem like much to them, they figure you won’t notice either. Even if it adds up to millions or billions of dollars in the end.

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