The Page – August 16, 2023

What! Say it isn’t so! What a world we live in!
Town of High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk reported at council’s meeting Aug. 8 that a doctor left High Prairie for the weekend and “never came back”.
“I don’t know if it’s true,” added Panasiuk. “My wife phoned to make an appointment and that’s what she was told.”
Incredible! Hope he/she came back!

Another tidbit from council came after Councillor Waikle sang the praises of newly-elected Lesser Slave Lake MLA Scott Sinclair. Among many glowing terms Waikle used, he said Sinclair was “more engaging” and he was a “vast improvement” over the last MLA, that being Pat Rehn.
No word, however, on that MLA office opening in High Prairie.
Waikle added he expects Sinclair to attend a town council meeting in September.
The Page was also told Sinclair was in town last week. Apparently, he stopped at a local store on his way to a meeting in Peace River.
Didn’t know Peace River was in the Leser Slave Lake riding. In case you did not know, it is not.
How about looking after us, Scott? Getting that office open in High Prairie would be a good start.

The Page hates to see any marriage break up, even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s.
Social media is having a field day on the subject. Our two favourites:
“How come Sophie can get rid of Justin but we can’t?”
“What a great country Canada is? It is easier to get rid of your spouse than your prime minister!”

The Page is a bit depressed today because he knows he is getting old!
Look at the Celebrity Birthday List on this page. Madonna turns 65 today and Belinda Carlisle, lead singer of the Go Gos, turns 65 tomorrow.
The Page grew up enjoying the music of these two fabulous musicians. Gosh, it’s been that long! How depressing!

The cats who live at the office at South Peace News have been on the prowl lately.
In the last few weeks they have confiscated three mice!
Not surprisingly, since they are lean, mean killing machines armed with paws of destruction! And one is aptly named Slink Panther!
Be afraid mice, be very afraid!

The Page was examining his latest electric bill which he knows is pretty cheap compared to most other customers, especially those in the rural areas.
Anyway, the actual cost of the juice used is only 32.66 per cent of The Page’s total bill.
Someone is making a very tidy profit off the backs of the users. When distribution and other charges makes up over two-thirds of the bill, something is wrong. It is probably the reason many want the government to step in and stop this nonsense.

Item sent to The Page: “I’ve just realized that the paper towels at the side of gas pump are there so you can wipe or tears after filling your gas tank!”
Sheesh! What did the writer of this think when gas was 30-40 cents higher awhile ago?

Seen at an army recruiting office.
“We want men. Tough men. Men who can really take it! Married men!”

With everything going in in the House of Commons and the Alberta Legislature right now, heaven could end up being a ghost town.

One bookmaker in Vegas has Carolina as the early Stanley Cup favourites followed by Toronto and New Jersey. Really!

Enough rain!
Time for some sunny weather so the farmers can get about their fall business.

Hate to tell all the kids this, but school starts soon.
Or, as parents say, as does that commercial, “It’s the Most Happiest Time of the Year!”

Have a great week!

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