The Page – August 9, 2023

Well, the High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo is over for another year. Well done, Elks!
The Page heard many positive comments about the parade. It had to be one of the longest ever! Thanks to everyone who entered. Take a bow!
All that’s left now is a lot of dirty laundry. No doubt the people at Tide are pleased with the rodeo!

The Page takes note of a neat marketing ploy by Kentucky Fried Chicken.
“Our fries sucked!” KFC admits while welcoming new seasoned fries.
Of course, this is no guarantee the new fries are any better, but the gimmick sure grabs one’s attention and is very effective.
By the way, The Page had no problem with KFC’s old fries, once they were smothered in gravy and ketchup! Maybe a bit of vinegar!

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is busy these days writing “mandate letters” to ministers. It’s a stupid way of saying, “Do your damn job!”
Anyways, it was interesting to note the mandate letter send to Justice Minister Mickey Amery did not include the creation of a provincial police force.
Hmm! Let’s just say the United Conservative Party was not dispelling rumours during the election campaign that they weren’t interested in exploring this option.
My, is the government backing off on this ridiculous proposal? Finally!
The men and women in red are doing a fine job. The last thing they need is a bunch of interference from government trying to make political points. Leave them alone!

The Page sees on our sister newspaper, the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader, that the M.D of Opportunity council went all the way to Osoyoos, B.C. and had a meeting with . . . Bigstone Cree Nation!
Hmmm! A meeting with your neighbour in southern British Columbia!
Until Opportunity provides a reason, it makes one wonder what the heck is going on!

The previous item reminds The Page that years ago, High Prairie town council sent reps to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference somewhere in eastern Canada.
Back home, one councillor reported on the wonderful meeting they had with the M.D. of Greenview.
A lot closer to meet in Valleyview or High Prairie, we’d say!

We also see in the Leader that Lesser Slave Lake MLA Scott Sinclair met with Slave Lake town council July 26.
No sighting yet of Sinclair at a High Prairie town council meeting (unless it was a big secret!) but High Prairie only meets once in July and once in August.
The Page is confident High Prairie could call a special meeting to fit into Sinclair’s schedule, if needed.
By the way, no word yet from Sinclair’s office on the potential opening of a constituency office in High Prairie. Former MLAs Larry Shaben, Pearl Calahasen, Danielle Larivee and Pat Rehn all had offices in High Prairie. What gives?

A woman goes into a police station to ask for a job. The detachment commander says she has to first pass a quiz.
“What is 2 x 2?”
“Four!” she says.
“What is the square root of 100?” he asks.
“Ten!” she says.
“OK,” he says. “Now what is the name of the pig farmer in British Columbia who murdered dozens of women?”
“I don’t know,” says the woman.
“Then come back here tomorrow!” says the commander.
That night, a friend of the woman calls her.
“Did you get the job?”
“Not only did I get the job,” the woman says, “They already got me working on murder case!”

An interesting tidbit for beer lovers out there.
Since 1995, which country in the world has exported the most malted barley beer.
The key is “exported” beer. Not leading in beer production.
You would think the USA, perhaps Gemany or England. Nope. It is Mexico!
Ireland led in production in 1961 but was overtaken by the Netherlands in 1980, then Mexico in 1995, who has held the title since.
Maybe the Mexicans don’t like their beer, or are too busy drinking tequila!
Nonetheless, someone is buying it. Mexico nearly doubles the exports of runner-up Netherlands.

Have a great week!

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