The Page – December 13, 2023

The Page has spies!
In fact, one spy is at the North Pole and The Page hears Santa has a big problem. He was looking at the Page’s Christmas list and can’t decide how much anthracite to get him!
For those of you who do not know, anthracite is a type of coal!

At the time of this writing, there is barely a snowflake on the ground. Could we really have a black Christmas?
No doubt our local governments are smiling from all the money saved in their snow removal budgets so far this winter. The taxpayer, of course, also saves.
However, many are already fearing next spring if we do not get significant snow this winter or spring rains in April and May. We all remember the wildfires last year. A repeat seems very likely given the current weather trend.
Perhaps we should ask Santa for snow and rain instead of toasters and chocolates!

In early November, The Page was all excited when he told you that the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) released its RCC X Leger Holiday Shopping Survey telling us the average Canadian will spend $898 on Christmas presents this year. The survey added last year Canadians spent an average of only $782.
The Page was optimistic there would be expensive presents in his stocking!
Not so fast! A new poll from Simplii Financial has found Canadians are cutting back on spending this holiday season. Their numbers indicate Canucks will spend $650 this year, down 14 per cent from last year.
Well, doesn’t that unplug your heating pad!
Gee whiz, that is a lot of difference between an average of $898 and $650. Can anyone explain that to The Page?
Always interesting to note how two different polling companies can come up with two different numbers. Sort of like the Liberals and Conservatives when it comes to reporting polling results!
For the record, The Page likes the numbers from the Retail Council of Canada a lot more than Simplii Financial.

The Page was notified of another theft of Christmas lights in High Prairie last week.
“Did you call police?” The Page asked.
“Why bother?” was the reply.
However, the victim was not blaming police. Rather, it is the ridiculous “kiss the ass of the offender” sentences handed out by our judges.
The fact is many people in the public eye have lost confidence with our judges. Plenty of sympathy lies with the police who go to all the work to prosecute criminals only to see them roaming the streets shortly after all the policeman’s hard work weeds its way through the courts.
But what the heck! A repeat offender is also called “job security” for judges and lawyers.
Still, The Page urges victims to report crimes to police. We know there is no chance of punishment without reporting a crime. At least there is a slim – very slim – chance of a decent sentence if a conviction does occur.

The Page has heard that Hiram Walker & Sons, Iceberg Vodka, Molson’s, Labatt’s and other brewers regularly send Christmas gifts to politicians.
They should! They are the biggest reason most people drink!

High Prairie gets many compliments on their Christmas lights display. The Town of High Prairie and the local Beautification group does a great job.
The Page also recognizes the Christmas lights and decorations at McLennan. Each year, the group responsible adds to the display. Great job in McLennan also!

The High Prairie Community Beautification Association is trying to judge the Christmas decorations at residences and hand out certificates before Christmas.
Tentatively, the plan is awards will be handed out Dec. 22 or Dec 23. Judging to occur earlier, so keep those lights on!
The Page recognizes there seems to be more lights up this year so judging will be more difficult. Thanks to everyone who makes the effort to light up the town!

Have a great week and please shop local!

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