The Page – February 12, 2020

It was the good old days. Church halls were filled with happy campers playing bingo.
Then bingo turned into big business. Big bingo halls sprouted across Alberta. Bingo was on every night. Progressive bingo packed the halls and spilled out into parking lots. It was all great fun and quite profitable for clubs and many hall owners. Still is today, in fact, in many places.
Then came casinos and slot machines. Edmonton. Grand Prairie. Calgary. Volunteer groups found they could make way more money running one or two casino nights per year than they could make looking after their share of a big, local association of clubs.
Plus, volunteers didn’t like the smoke in bingo halls, although that went away eventually. In the end, much of it went away locally. Oh, well!
We were reminded of all this when we read about Bernie Maisonneuve’s big $331,763.60 6/49 win last week. According to Maisonneuve, he was putting away Christmas decorations when his wallet fell from his pocket. That’s when he saw a couple of lottery tickets. Just like us would do, he felt the calling of the “wild lottery ticket.”
“Check me out! Check me out!” the tickets called.
Christmas lights will still be there tomorrow.
But you know, lottery tickets do expire, just like milk in the fridge. Never hurts to check tickets out right away because – well – you never know.
So what does that have to do with bingo? Well heck, every diehard bingo player knows that a good way to bring some luck is, yup, sit on your bingo cards. We don’t know how long you have to do that. And we don’t know how long Maisonneuve was sitting on his wallet, but it was awhile. That’s because the ticket was for the Jan. 4 draw.
Now of course, you might quibble he had actually won, and spent way too much time still sitting on his ticket. But anyone with half a brain can tell you, this is a perfect Schrodinger cat story. You know, is the ticket a winner or a loser? Is the hidden cat in the box alive or dead?
You never really know until you check on it. According to Schrodinger anyway.
So, there’s a lottery ticket lesson for you.
And congratulations to Maisonneuve!

* * * * * * *

Here is a friendly reminder, get your Valentine’s Day greeting to your sweetie[s] online at or southpeacenews .com. Free pizza, too, from a place near you!
And in case you are really asleep at the switch, besides getting the greeting up online, chocolates, tools and dining out, at lunch or supper, all make great gifts too.
Just to show you care!

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Hard on the heels of Valentine’s Day comes Family Day. There are many events planned around the area. A biggie is the popular Carnival de St. Isidore. Here’s fingers crossed for good weather.
On another vein, if you want to try your hand at ice fishing, you won’t be needing a fishing license for the Family Day long weekend.
A prime location with easy access is at Joussard. There are two routes onto the lake at Joussard. One of them is an easier ramp than the one most used at the main road into Joussard right by the church. Head west a few blocks and there is a second public access. Dress warm, of course.

“20 inches of ice,” say these fellows, Cody Bellerose, left, and Ross Cowell out for an afternoon at Joussard. “Been slow so far,” they say, “but we just got here.” There’s more pictures online at both our websites. You can also get a bit of an idea what the ice looks like in places. Not exactly car friendly roads. If you have photos you would like to share anytime, of just about any topic, use one of the contact forms online and send them in. Or e-mail us at [email protected] along with a few details. The same goes for any photos you have of the Family Day weekend. We would love to share them. So, have a great week and great weekend!

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