The Page – February 28, 2024

So, it is official!
The recall petition for Town of High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk, and councillors Donna Deynaka and James Waikle enters the “signature gathering” stage.
The Page figures it will be next to impossible to gather the 952 signatures needed (stated by the Town) for the recall to be considered. The number is well over 50 per cent of the voting public. An extremely tough task.
But consider some people are so angry they feel they have to take such a drastic measure.
No matter what the outcome – and you are entitled to take any position you want – what High Prairie will be left with is more division amongst its citizens. The question is why.
Council botched the hiring and dismissal of Shari Poole, council lost the Treaty 8 First Nations Cup to Slave Lake, council botched the hospital land deal which could have netted over $1.6 million for town taxpayers (and snubbed local citizens’ input in the process), council gave raises for the CAO during tough economic times, council has heard concerns over nepotism, council has heard concerns over lack of charges in a Town theft matter and then listened to the mayor mislead the public, and council has heard concerns over transparency – it is all too much for many in the public to take.
And council? It’s business as usual. They are indeed proud of their record.
For many, October 2025 (next elections) cannot come soon enough.

Congratulations to Joussard’s Laurie Savill on his big win of $100,000.
Many of us know him as Myler, the former Reeve of the M.D. of Big Lakes.
This week, we read that Kevin Frey, a man living in Iowa, won $500,000. He was so excited he left the store and forgot his ticket!
It didn’t take him long to go back and retrieve it.
Would you forget your ticket if it was a $500,000 winner?

King Charles is having a tough time with his recent cancer diagnosis.
The Page is not the biggest King Charles fan in the world, but we wish him the best.
If you don’t have good health, not much else matters.

A message from the ladies:
“Do not forget! This is the month we celebrate the three days men are always right. Feb. 29, Feb. 30 and Feb. 31!”
A second message to the men from the ladies:
“Bet you didn’t know you were right that often!”
A message from the men:
“Thank God for Feb. 29!”

The popular Joussard Community Association Ice Fishing Tournament is sneaking up fast, this year on March 9.
Just show up at the JCA Hall at around 8:30 to hear the rules and then go fishing for prizes.
Call Jeannette Willier at (78) 536-1028 or Tammy Kaleta at (780) 523-1190 for more information.

Congratulations to the Falher Pirates on their 7-4 win over the Manning Comets in Game 1 of their East Division Final Feb. 24.
The Pirates are favoured to win the series and advance to the NPHL Final.
Please see full story on Page 20 and stats and schedule on page 22.

A string walks into a bar. The bartender tells him, “Sorry, we don’t serve string here!”
The string walks out all sad but then gets a great idea. He ties himself into a bow, cuts off the ends to look pretty and re-enters the bar.
“Hey!” says the bartender. “Aren’t you the string I just told you to leave?”
“No,” says the string. “I’m a frayed knot!”

Two friends are walking down the street and decide to go to a bar. They enter the bar.
“Bartender, give me two glasses of your best punch!” they say.
The bartender is angry.
“Look, buddy, if you want some punch get in line like everybody else.”
Sorry, there is no punch line to this joke!

Two men are on a train when one speaks to the other.
“Here’s my wife, she is beautiful, isn’t she?” as he shows him a photo.
“If you think so,” says the other man. “But you should see my wife.”
“Is she also beautiful?” the man asks.
“No,” replies the other. “She’s an optometrist!”

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